Kit 2/Theme A- Vowel Letter + <igh> (part 2)

Kit 2/Theme B- Grapheme Alternatives: <ck> <k> and <ch> <tch>

Kit 2/Theme C- The Letter <n> and the Graphemes that Contain It

Kit 2/Theme D- Homophones 2

Kit 2 Theme E- The trigraph <ugh> and the other graphemes for the phoneme /f/

Kit 2 Theme F- Two Families- 'wh-words' and <them>, <they> and <their>- Filmed Jan, 2011

Kit 2 Theme G- The Graphemes for 'long u'

Kit 2 Theme H- The letters <w> and <x>

Kit 2 Theme I: Free base elements with final <f>, <l>, <s> and <z>

Kit 2 Theme J: The suffixes <-er>, <-est>, <-ist>

Kit 2 Theme K- Learning from the Spelling of <was>

Kit 3 Theme A- Revisiting Basic Suffixing Patterns

Kit 3 Theme B- Signs of Words from Greek- Part 1

Kit 3 Theme C- Constructing Plurals

Kit 3/Theme D: The Several Facets of the digraph <ea>

Kit 3/Theme E: The base elements <sci> and <sign>